Apartments available for successful people

Gansberg Koliba offers successful people luxury living in an upscale Koliba neighborhood that perfectly symbolizes the status future owners will enjoy. The apartments are quite exceptionally and categorically designed to meet even the most demanding requirements. If you wish to learn more about the apartments available, please see the categories below.

Live at an upscale address

From the start, the design in Gansberg Koliba’s apartments reflects successful people seeking to enjoy the very best. Its upscale location makes them the most sought addresses in Bratislava, combining a natural environment with easy access to the city. Gansberg Koliba is located a short distance from the forest park, with many wonderful opportunities ranging from outdoor sports to just walking with your family. Yet you can anytime reach the center of town easily and enjoy everything the city has to offer. Simply the perfect combination.

The pulse of the city and the silence of the nature

An exceptional address calls for extraordinary features. See for yourself how living at an address reflecting success provides benefits, such as everything you need for everyday comfort available at the snap of a finger. Are you thinking about how long it takes to lock the door and arrive at your favorite restaurant or get to your child’s kindergarten? Glance at the neighborhood around Gansberg on an interactive map and find out through transparent color filters how easily and quickly you can reach important spots. And whenever you get weary of the fast pace in the city, never forget that the calm serenity of the Little Carpathians is just a few steps away...

You deserve the best

An upscale location certainly demands high quality and that is reflected in the design, from the building materials selected to the smallest details in how the apartments are furnished. Qualified professionals with a deep understanding of their field have worked with our engineers to meet the high standards we have set for ourselves. All apartments boast open, luxurious rooms with sufficient liberty and freedom. All apartments include spacious terraces that in the higher categories measure several hundred square meters, dramatically expanding the living area and underscoring the higher-level comfort of living they provide. A terrace can be used to exercise, for parties and barbecues or just to relax. The most up-to-date living trends have gone into the design of the apartments, something that can also be seen in the remarkable architecture and environment. It all culminates in a design that is state-of-the art and, like the future owners, reflect privilege.

Move into an oasis of peace

Privacy for residents is important to us and that’s the reason for an enclosed courtyard to provide greater security, something you’ll especially appreciate if you have children. The courtyard has plenty of space for them at the playground where you can let them stay without worries. The limited number of apartments also contributes toward a high degree of privacy, as there are only a few neighbors that over time may even become friends. Gansberg believes a relaxed, private environment benefits quality of life greatly and we consider satisfied owners enjoying Gansberg Koliba to be our biggest success.

„We design homes we would ourselves want to live in. As development company directors, we are very strict with ourselves. And we take an equally hard line with the projects we do and Gansberg Koliba is definitely such a project.”
Ing. Arch. Tomáš Šebo
Developer and Architect

ITB Development

ITB Development is a leading developer known best of all for the innovative approach it takes. The company was founded in 2003 and over the years has completed a number of projects that have delighted many clients. ITB Development specializes in projects whose design differ markedly from other developers in the market, bringing with it the philosophy of a project in harmony with its environment, whether greenery, the surrounding neighborhood or contributing to the lives of both future owners and the entire community.

Part of the ITB Group is architecture studio Architekti Šebo Lichý, one of the cornerstones of the exceptional development of ITB Development projects.

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