Gansberg Koliba has the courage to demand and stick to high standards, from the first design sketch to the tiles selected for the bathroom. The authors know very well that success depends on demanding the best, on doing their best and having their apartments look the best. That is why you will find in Gansberg’s apartments the fantastic craftsmanship of contractors and designers whose reputations are recognized both in Slovakia and internationally. These apartments are furnished by companies working with Gansberg that are among the top in their fields.

Wooden floors
Floors inside Gansberg apartments are made of top-quality wood, providing insulation to keep the apartment warm, durability and a high aesthetic value. Six-layer KLUMPP UV lacquer is an environmentally friendly and health-conscious solution that uses no solvents and formaldehydes. OSMO hard wax oil resists abrasion, repelling water and dirt as it retains its elasticity.
Interior doors
SAPELI believes customers appreciate quality. This 100% Czech family-owned company founded in the beginning of the last century has years of experience, selecting only the best materials and components and purchasing mainly from manufacturers here in Slovakia. Their doors undergo demanding tests to last whole generations. SAPELI develops and tests its doors as they produce them. Each door is opened and closed 500,000 times before it leaves the factory, a number doors ordinarily don’t have to face in normal use.
Paneling and paving
Luxembourg-based Villeroy & Boch has been setting standards for bathrooms since 1748. From the very beginning, they have built up an unmistakable brand easily recognized and appreciated by any demanding customer. Villeroy & Boch builds on tradition, authenticity and quality. Their stylish, unusually designed products decorate all bathrooms at Gansberg, including yours.
Bathroom furnishings
Villeroy & Boch offers a selection of bathroom furnishings to make any bathroom exceptionally luxurious. You can feel the over 250 years of experience of these bathroom experts in every relaxing bath and stimulating shower you take.

Can’t wait to move in? There is a mobile application from us that, among other things, lets you experience now the atmosphere of your future home. Be inspired by Gansberg Koliba’s different living room and bathroom styles as you watch them on your smartphone or tablet.

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